Refund & Warranty Policies

These policies are not intended to and do not limit your rights with respect to Consumer Guarantees. The policies are intended to cover the vast majority of different circumstances that would be taken into account when determining an appropriate remedy consistent with your statutory rights. These policies set out the minimum steps that will take in those circumstances to provide you with an appropriate remedy. has used its best endeavors to ensure the policies provide for a reasonable and lawful remedy when dealing with the majority of circumstances that are not immediately remedied to your satisfaction by the manufacturer’s voluntary warranty. staff are obligated to ensure that your statutory rights are NOT limited in any way. Limiting your rights may include:
–  Refusing to refund a product that is faulty or became faulty through no fault of your own within a time frame deemed reasonable by this document
–  Failing to assist in a courteous and timely manner with a remedy that is in accordance with’s Voluntary Warranty & Refund Policies
– staff conduct is not in accordance with these guidelines then ask to speak to the Manager or Manager on Duty will provide a refund in accordance with the Refund Guide and Warranty Policy Guide set out in this document. These Guides set out the minimum time periods within which will offer you a refund. To obtain a refund or any other remedy you will be required to provide proof of purchase and, for faulty products, needs to be satisfied that the problem with the goods was not your fault.

Proof of purchase includes but is not limited to:
– Tax Receipt

up to 30 days from date of purchase:
If the product is determined to be faulty through no fault of the customer then Policy is to offer a refund of original purchase price or exchange the product at the customer’s discretion

The manufacturer will determine at no cost to the customer the cause of the fault within a reasonable time frame. If the product is determined faulty through no fault of customer, then Policy is to offer repair free of charge in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty. Alternatively, in the event of a ‘major failure’, customers can request a refund of the original purchase price.

If the product is not covered by a manufacturer’s or extended warranty, then will determine at a cost to the customer the cause of the fault within a reasonable time frame. Bizpoke would advise the cost of repair to customer before proceeding with any repairs if customer agrees to pay for the repair cost in advance. All such repairs carried out by will add 30 days of warranty to product.

In most circumstances faulty goods would have been sold complete with out of the box accessories such as power cords and battery chargers. It is a requirement for the fulfillment of refunds, exchanges and replacements that customers have used their best endeavors to return faulty products complete with the out of the box accessories supplied at the time of the original purchase

1) Is the faulty product less than 30 days old from date of purchase?
Yes: Return the product to for refund or exchange in accordance with’s Refund Policy
No: proceed to step 2
2) Is the faulty product covered with in the Manufactures Warranty?
Yes: recommends that you contact the manufacturer as per their warranty terms and arrange for a remedy.
No: At your discretion return the faulty product to for your assessment in accordance with this document

Bizpoke will not accept change of mind after the order has been dispatched. We will accept an exchange in store credit which will incur a 15% or $50 restocking fee (whichever is greater). All delivery charges are non-refundable.

Consumer Guarantees
When you buy goods or services, the Australian Consumer Law provides that you have guaranteed rights that:
–  the goods are of acceptable quality
–  the goods match their description or any sample or demonstration model
–  the goods are fit for any represented purpose or purpose you, the consumer, made known
–  repairs and spare parts are reasonably available (unless written notice was given that repairs or spare parts would not be available)
–  the services are carried out with reasonable care and skill and are completed within a reasonable time

These Consumer Guarantees cannot be refused, changed or limited (even in the fine print) by a retailer or supplier